Someone who has a particular affinity and/or obsession with technology
person 1 " i cant get my computer working"
Person 2 "ask matt, he's our resident techy"
by Tannek128 October 30, 2007
Top Definition
Short for technicians. The people that make your shows happen. Often seen backstage, on the grid and any other dark space. Has a wide range of skills, knows how to fix anything with a role of duct tape. Rather sexual, doesn't need an excuse to feel you up. Always there for eachother. Strage obssessions with glowtape. Doesn't know what to do with self when tech is cancled. Basicly lives in the theater. Shows would be nothing without them. GO, techies, GO!
Those techies are strage creatures, I think one just tried to feel me up.
by sheepling January 13, 2005
In Electronic Dance Music, a "techy" track is a track that is not a Techno one, but has strong Techno influences.
"Have you heard this new techy tune by W&W yet?"
"Yeah, what a banger!"
by senkus October 19, 2011
1. Nickname pertaining to a person of advanced technological knowledge and obsession. Someone who has the latest gadgets, and knows how to solve technology errors.

2. Nickname pertaining to a person in the field of technical theatre. A theatre technician, i.e. someone who mangages lighting, sound, backstage prop work, curtains, etc.
1. "Dude, Steven is such a techy! Yesterday he told me that he is trading his iphone for the new iphone, and has and itv, and a macbook. While he was telling me this, he was helping three different people online solve their computer problems!"

2. Every Techy must appear for training for basic sound board, and light board. The only exception is Tactors, who have to be at rehearsal for the musical.
by haha.inkman June 09, 2009
Very talented youngsters who work behind a curtain and are accomplished at singing, acting, gossiping, and eating.
Person A:Whats do techies do?
1)A term used to refer to a person who is interested in technology almost to the point of obsession.
2)A person that is extremely knowledgeable about Information Technology. These individuals generally have built custom CPU towers that run a opensource OS from either a UNIX or Linux thread. As well as spend Much of there free time researching new Computer technologies.

3)Techy is a term that a "Computer Nerd" may use to refer to himself or other "Computer Nerds" but may not be used by others (Kind of like the equivalent to the N word for "Computer Nerds") It is derogatory for non Techys to refer to someone as a Techy.

*Can also be spelled "Techie" ((however the "Teamsters" that work back stage at theaters are now using the term "Techie" to try and dissociate them selves with the teamsters that work on film sets.)Not cool!!! real Techies/Techys have come up with pretty much every major advancement in the technological field for the last 40+years. without them you wouldn't have the computerized lighting and sound systems that you use todays. that would make your jobs a lot harder. So please respect the title)
Techy 1: Hi I need a patch to make a new Barracuda HDD work with freenas v0.68
Techy 2: check the techy forums
Techy 1: Hi I'm new @ this forum but am comp lit and do consider my self to be a Techy
non-techy 1: look at that new kid over there he so lame
non-techy 2: yeah I heard he's head of the Computer Club what a techy
by DCBoy June 05, 2010
1. An adjective denoting the complexity of a situation. A synonym of prog.

2. Used to characterize music; usually relating to Technical Death Metal, Technical Thrash, etc. Also refers to the difficulty or complexity of certain aspects of music (i.e., odd time-signatures, unorthodox song structure, difficult technique, etc.).
"After you sold your parents' home while they were out of the country, the relationship you have with them is mad techy."

"Listen to this techy riff from Necrophagist; it took me a long while to learn it."
by NJustice4All January 14, 2007
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