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A cross breed of house and techno music, generally keeping the tempo, beat and rhythm of a house song. Electronic and synthetic instruments are usually laid over to form the fusion of house and techno.
DJ MofoSam played a sick set last night. After he busted out that chunky house set, he delved into some dope tech house that got the whole crowd jumping.
by MofoSam June 10, 2003
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Subgenre of house music (or techno) which combines both house and techno vibes to create a truly unruly sound never before encountered in human history.

A lot of people seem to like tech house for it's ability to cause you to move in new and imaginative ways like you have never experienced before. Additional side effects of even short term listening include potential gurning, even whilst sober.

See also: house music techno warehouse big room acid
Ed: "Mate, check out this new tech house record I bought - it's truly unruly!"
Justin: "A true instabag!"
Tommy: "Siiiick!"
Anthony: "Yeah man that's proper mint. Listen to dem vibesss"
by Rehabilitated Bloke May 06, 2015
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Men with big glasses and pale skin tend to like tech house.
by Anders_HJ July 21, 2004
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