Tender Enlarged Breasts. This is mostly for males that make fun of swollen nipples on their friends. During puberty, a teenager often has swollen nipples, which stick out at funny angles. See TEBbing.
"Slater has huge TEBs," Casey said.

"Did you see those kid's TEBs? They were massive!"
by TEBfan July 10, 2008
Top Definition
Commonly used in many different social networks as an abbreviation for the word 'terrible'.
Person 1 : "how was the party lastnight?"
Person 2 : "totes tebs... You didn't miss anything"

Person 1 : "the weather down the coast was tebs all weekend"
by chunkitech January 01, 2012
Single-syllable word for "terabyte" similar to "gig" for "gigabyte" or "meg" for "megabyte"
..at your LAN... leeching all your tebs
by birstmooth February 15, 2008
1. A person of limited logic.

2. Also, see "pleb".

1. "You're as smart as a teb"

2. "What a complete teb"
by Freshfivezero May 03, 2007
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