One who has only one testicle. The scrotem looks like a teardrop when there is only one marble in the beanbag.

AKA John Kruk
John has a teardrop, wonder what they did with the other ball
by Loose Goose August 03, 2005
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A symbol made popular by rappers Birdman and Lil Wayne, symbolizing the murder of another person. It is a tattoo placed on the face of a person that looks like a tear, and every one symbolizes that the bearer of the tattoos has killed one person.
That dude just tried to rape my girl, I'm about to get another tear drop.
by 40Walla October 30, 2006
a tattoo on ones face that shows that have been involoved in a murder or have in fact murder another themselves.
Rapper Lil' Wayne "Ma you even went and got a teardrop like me"
by Winston K December 30, 2007
If someone has teardrops on the right side of their face below their eye that means that they've killed someone and its usually red with a black outline if their teardrops are on the left side it means that they've spent a certain time in prison the time depends on the hood they live in or the prison
"If you fuck with me i'll get another teadrop" Birdman on his teardrops in the song know what i'm doin
by Lucien Remington January 11, 2008
A basketball shot in which the ball is launched into a considerably higher arc than that of a normal shot. It is usually the weopon of smaller players (usually Guards) to score over the top of larger players. They can be taken of both feet as a normal jumpshot just pushed higher or off of one like a high launched lay up.
Nash hits the teardrop shot to tie the game
by Kendle_cranks June 07, 2006
similar to a euro step but consists of a complete shot while moving directly towards the basket. Used in basketball
Davis: What the hell is the difference between a euro step & tear drop
Trey: Tear drop is for driving completely up the paint using your knee to push the defender off of you
Aldo: Ball is life
by treyballer February 02, 2015
When a female performs oral on a man and deep throats with so much force it creates a tears to form in there eyes.thus causing the TEAR DROP
When a female performs oral on a man and deep throats with so much force it creates a tears to form in there eyes.thus causing the TEAR DROP
by kilo kapanel August 07, 2011
The universal symbol used in male jewelry to indicate the owner is currently dealing with obsessed women in his life who he wants none of. The jewelery is used as a warning to other brothers out there and as a ploy for the bitches to show he is sorry for the tears he is causing.
Friend 1: "Yo my dude eskay, why are you rockin the teardrop round your neck?"

Eskay: "Son, straight up bitches be crying, Early"
by DafifthV September 04, 2009
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