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Urban Dictionary: Tear Dup.

Defaming another (tear DOWN, with tear as to rip; "tare") to cover-UP, conceal, or justify your own misdeed by ascribing shame to another. Bonus points if done under the umbrella of a religion (tear pronounced as to cry; "teer").

1. She made him look a fool and was all tear dup in emotional adultery with another man. gamesmanship
2. They screwed up their own administrative process almost killing me from behind their desk, and were all teared up about it, said it was my fault. cover-up
3. It was fraud, and they were all tear dup over that would-be whistleblower. deceit corruption
4. She is a pastor now, and is tear ("teer") dup that her younger brother remembers what she did to him as a child. hypocrite shame
5. He is just tear dup because he is a cop and he stole from his brother. betrayal deceit
by Reasonable2014 February 14, 2014
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