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the act of getting some buddies and hitting up a public bathroom with enough stalls for each, it should last approximately ten minutes. if one guy were to finish before another he would simply wash and wait all the while talking with the other brothers still taking care of business. Great for meeting new people and talking about more private matters
-Where were you guys? "we were taking a team smash!"
-Team smash anyone? "give me five minutes and I will be good to go"
by ManikMonster May 06, 2010
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Originating at the RC(Air)C summer course Survival Instructor Course, (6 week course) a Teamsmash is when a large group of Survival Instructors shit in one blue rocket (portapotty) on the day they are leaving on the bus after graduation day
F Sgt: Sgt you gotta totally teamsmash on your last day of SI this summer, carry on the tradition for me.
Sgt: that's disgusting but alright

Army Course cadet enters a teamsmashed portapotty
army course cadet: you guys are fuckin nasty man!
SI's laugh their asses off
by Sergeant B. May 13, 2010
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