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Two or more people in the same shower under the same running shower head. Females must wear two or fewer articles of clothing. Males must wear one or fewer articles of clothing.
I'm bored. Let's go to my house and have a team shower.
by tiger2341324 August 22, 2009
A great way to have fun by lathering, rinsing, and repeating with friends. Not necessarily a sexual act, it is a great way to help the environment by cutting down on water use in the shower.
This morning, after our run, we took a team shower. It was awsum.
by sooowhite August 24, 2009
Having solid conversations while showering. Separate showers in a row or just not using the same shower head.
Lathering up the balls, shaft, and mushroom while having solid conversations during the team shower.
by Alex Z calvezilla October 25, 2010
taking a shower with ones significant other, usually washing each other
dude dont go through the shower theres a team shower in there
by jerusalem April 13, 2006
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