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when u go for one team and the switch of team
i go for the blazers now but you use to go for the lakers man your a team hopper
by mickeyxtream February 17, 2010
A team hopper is some one who is watching the BIG game or any sports game, really and they see that their team is losing so they say they have been cheering for the other team the whole night.
Matt: Man them colts are great 10-0
Emily: O I know there ahead, were probably gonna win the superbowl.

1 hour later-------

Emily: O no ! We are losing!

Matt: Yeah the Colts are but not the Saints totally my team, and yeah I have been rooting for them to win this whole night.

Emily: Thats so Gay your a Team Hopper
by IndianaColtsFan February 08, 2010
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