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A group of five or more people (60% homosexuals) who think they are superheroes. Originated in Philadelphia PA in 2006 when a group of friends needed to define their eclectic group of friends. A "Team gay" often sets out to solve super problems but ends up never leaving headquaters. Some Team Gay Super names may Include: Bastard Shepherd, Captain Focus, Blonde Menace, Dr Comfort, Princess Jamers, Dame Danger and Captain Ego...
when a problem arises: This looks like a job for Team Gay! When sending out a text signal: Team Gay: Report or Respond! When standing in a bar: Who are you with? Oh, Team Gay...
by Mark Dahl July 30, 2006
A Mental Team who do crazy things such as going on wacky trips to Bremen Waterfront or camping round Wales (with compasses and maps around the neck).
They are fans of the Thumbs up sign.
They have a special camp handshake.
Some members engage in activities such as the Newnan burrito or perform the dirty taylor on each other. The female contingent keep well away from such activities.
They all have team nicknames. Ranging from Felchy to Knobber. They welcome new members. But only if theyre prepared to be mental and do a Dirty Sanchez.
Prone to shout Team Gay outloud.
by Team Flowers May 20, 2007
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