Turbo Back Exhaust - all exhaust components from the turbocharger back to the muffler tips
"Your best bet is to get a TBE, not just a catback; unless you wanna be a hack"
by Scaffmaster May 12, 2006
to be edited.
like if you're in a post about the person above you or you're in a speed post thread
tbe EDIT: lulz first post
by Jack the sex July 29, 2008
On internet forums, "To Be Edited." Often used in word games or role-playing. Kind of redundant unless a thread is especially populated.
((TBE guys I have to go get something to eat))
by The Muffin' Man August 05, 2008
to be expected
He ditched her for snowboarding again, but it's tbe at this point.
by NeverSurprised March 11, 2011
It is an abbreviation used for the term 'To be exact' used frequently on the internet (by chatting or instant messaging).
A: Do you think that Jane will come to my party tonight?
B: TBE undoubtedly. She said you are really cute.
by Mimiron July 05, 2009
"To be edited"
Used in forums to claim a reply space for later (Usually long) edition.
I Claim this reply! tbe
by OddGoo July 28, 2008
“Toilet-Bowl-Effect” When someone is so drunk or stoned that when they’re standing up their body is swaying around in a circular motion and about to fall over.
Person 1 - Dude, we went out in Elkton last night and this redneck had TBE so bad he fell flat on his face and knocked out his last tooth!

Person 2 - That's an elkabilly for ya!
by choochoocachoo December 03, 2010
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