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To get blasted drunk, smoke tons of cigarettes and throw in hogs all nite
Yo boi you tryin' to get tauty tonight?
by M8kin CH3353 October 25, 2008
2 2
Can be used as an adj. verb or noun.
1. A word used to describe a family game night/meeting.
2. To describe negative/positive praises while playing the game of soccer.
3. To make fun of somebody (etc. clothing, bowl-cut hairdo)
4. A way of hugging somebody hello or goodbye.
Georgia: "I have to get back for tauty night"

- Anna had a very tauty bowl-cut hairdo in 3rd grade.
- That was a tauty pass . . come on tauty!

GayByrd - "Ta to the tauty"
by Amanda McFrail August 26, 2006
4 2