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A tate is the skin between a guy's ballsack and his asshole. A tate sniffer is a person that sniffs tates. It is commonly used as an insult. It is even a bigger insult than choch, douchebag, or asshole. Tate sniffers are usually gay, and their noses are usually very messed up from sniffing so many tates. Tate sniffers act similarly to chochs, except they are gay.
Person1: that douchebag over there have poop on his nose, and I think he is gay. He is probably a tate sniffer
Person 2: We should probably avoid him
Person1: Yeah, that sounds good
#faggot #gay #tate snifer #tayt sniffer #choch #queer
by apieceofme November 29, 2013
A tate sniffer is the lowest insult one can receive. A tate sniffer is a person who works out often but has no muscle, they think they are "the man" and they think that anything they do is cool. On the inside, they are hollow and very desperate for anything, especially attention from girls. They will most likely end up living on the streets.
Person 1: How does he work out every day, but he looks like garbage
Person 2: Yeah and I heard he always yells out the randomest stuff that makes no sense.
Person 1: Tell him good luck getting a job
Person 2: Yeah! What a tate sniffer.
#choch #douche bag #douche #tool #immature person #tate snifer
by deanyboi October 02, 2013
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