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Lakota for buffalo
Shit Ogbog, look at the mighty tatanka. It would stomp my ass into the ground.
by Ogbog July 22, 2003
19 8
An American buffalo. Comes from the Sioux Indian language. Common usage native Americans.
Whoa! Look at the tatanka outside!
by Avram Fawcett June 02, 2006
32 11
The greatest Native American professional wrestler of all time...other than Chief Jay Strongbow...and Wahoo McDaniel.
"Tatanka just laid out Ludvig Borga with his devastating finishing maneuver, the End of the Trail!"
by VanillaGorilla407 March 16, 2009
11 2
Famous Italian hardstyle DJ, known from defQon, bassleader, ...
Tatanka was rockin' tonight!
by nielsm February 23, 2008
9 8