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the very last hit it in a weed smoking device, which in turn results in the terrible taste the smoke imparts in your mouth.
Guy 1: Hey man are you sure you wanna hit this, tasters choice?

Guy 2: Sure why not.
by chonger123 May 25, 2009
having a grand ole time while smoking the good stuff... really really really good weed
Blake and I were having a taster's choice moment.
by LaFawn-duh May 04, 2005
personal politics of sex and the sex act
john liked a creme horn more than pie, this was his taster's choice!

sidney's taster's choice steered her to hard bodies

rulanthra taster's choice required a gay fat person for sex.
by michael foolsley January 13, 2010
When you jerk off into a Taster's Choice coffee jar and pour it into someone's cereal and they eat it without knowing.
Tony wanted to Taster's Choice Jeremiah for a long time but never got around to it.
by David See December 26, 2004

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