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To do a faceplant and taste the dirt/snow/pavement/grass/manure/etc
I'm going to go off this wicked awsome jump, I really hope I dont taste it!

Hey, watch that chick with the high heels walking across the ice. She's gonna taste it any second now!
by Boonie Kat September 28, 2010
2 1
Something that universally and distinguishly sucks to a tremendous magnitude. Typically used as an insult.
Pete needs to taste it!
Man, today is totally tasting it.
by J-Sin August 16, 2004
25 5
To taste it simply means to smoke good weed. Kush if you will.
Bro hurry up & get over here, we finna taste it..
by Booty D. Farnsworth January 18, 2008
2 10
A more pleasant way to say tou gave head.
"Liz, dahling..I tasted IT last night. It was delightful."
by ToxicCherry August 29, 2003
5 16