Someone of either sex who is overly concerned about their image, and the projection thereof. Symptoms include the desire to be associated with celebrities, in public.
That Simon Cowell is such a tart.
by JimInRoses January 27, 2010
A woman considered to be sexually promiscuous.
"Man, that Ben Jones sure is a tart"
"Yes, quite tartilicious."
"Excuse me ho, he's mine"
"Bitch say what?"
::slapping ensues::
by Becca Ruggles October 19, 2005
1. A woman who dresses and acts in a sexy, flirtatious way but who has a surprising edge; who may seem promiscuous, but is not.
2 A sharp, strong, pleasantly acidic taste, a pastry, usually made with fruit that is sweet and sharp at the same time.
1. Guy: Hey, you look so hot poured into that little dress. I can see your future, me and you doing it tonight!

Tart (sweetly): Hey, thanks, but I can see YOUR future. You and your hand, doing it again tonight!

Guy: Fuck you!

Tart (sweeter still): not if you were the last asshole on earth!

2. Man I love strawberry rhubarb pie, itt's sugary but it makes my mouth pucker, it's so tart!
by HawleyG March 14, 2014
A Fart expelled from the butt that moves to the front around the testicles.
We were watching the game when Joe tarted in the leather chair and made his shorts jiggle.
by Air Bubble July 03, 2012
a man who is too fond of ladies and will kiss everyone
mark is such a tart, but he has a lovely smile!
by gracygee January 05, 2012
Call someone this and you're basically calling them a dozy twonker or silly
"you silly tart"

"you're such a tart"
by Alex H January 29, 2005
Something sharp or acidic.
A disparraging remark used to describe an attention seeker.
An open topped pie, often confused for pie and largely dropped from useage as it is now perceived as an offensive word.
An old fashioned term for a female prostitute, largely dropped from useage.

Also used to describe:
Someone in love withselves,
A prissy male,
Someone lacking in taste, refinement and/or judgement.
Someone or something cheap, nasty, tacky, trashy.
Jenny found the sauce accompanying dessert awfully tart and requested something a little sweeter.

John is such a tart, always playing the sympathy vote whoring for compliments.

The bakery had a special offer on today, free jam tarts with every apple pie bought.

There was a couple of tarts loitering under the railway bridge everynight for years, until the pub nearby closed.

Dan is such a tart posing in the mirror splashingon his aftershave.

Dave is such a tart constantly making a fuss about everything!

Poor Sam had made such an effort to fit in at the PTA but she just came off as a brassy tart.

Wow they spent all that money redocorating and it truly looks like something out of a tarts bouidour.
by Granny Weatherwax October 02, 2005
An indistinguishable young schoolgirl whom dresses in uniform and behaves in a seemingly innocent manner. Deep down, said girls are usually inexplicably open minded and evil. Often Catholic, these creatures mature at the age of 20 where they begin the process of metamorphosis, whereby they transform into what we know as a whore.

Known tarts include Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Amelie Smith, and Anya Mitchell
Yo dude that tart over there is giving you evils, i think you may have stepped on her foot or something
by Randolph Canterfield November 14, 2010

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