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if they didnt exist, target would die
LOD: wow, target cart attendant, if you didnt exist, target would die
by imsosorryforyou February 15, 2010
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A Target cart attendant (more recently refered to as Guest Attendant... but that's pretty much like calling a janitor a custodian) is basically the store slave. Is responsible for doing the outside and inside trash, emptying hangers from the lanes and tossing them in large hanger boxes (that are non existant 90% of the time), cleaning up shit, puke, urine, food, drinks, cashiering whenever seen from a distance by any LOD or cash supervisor because the corporation is too cheap to actually schedule cashiers, keeping all the check lanes stocked with bags (that once again are non existant 90% of the time), and last and foremost, keep the cart well full with an ample amount of carts while someone doing all the forementioned tasks SIMULTAINIOUSLY!
CASH SUPE: Target Cart Attendant! Hop on a check lane.
CART ATTENDANT: Oh... uh okay...
LOD: Cart Attendant we are running out of carts... and there is a spill on H4
CART ATTENDANT: Alright, hold on while I spawn another cart attendant... *UNFF* yah, not gonna happen.
by Target Cart Attendant Two June 13, 2006
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The bitch of Target stores. Specialized in bringing carts into the store, taking carts for repairs, cleaning carts, restroom checkups, hangers, defectives, spills, baskets, trash, carry outs, carry ins, and anything that dosen't fit another team members' job description. The lowely recruit for Target stores.
That cart attendant is so sexy outside right now, jeesh.
by Target Cart Attendant March 26, 2005
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the bitches of target...we pick up fuckin carts, carry outs, carry ins, clean up shit in restrooms every hour, hangers, hanger bins, charge back, defective, bags at registers, sweep, vacuum, help guests, pick up hand baskets, put hand baskets around the fuckin store, clean up spills, maybe even zone and thats not all.

Cart Attendants = MTS (Multi-task specialist) my fuickin ass!

GSTL: mts...mts...mts
MTS: go ahead!
GSTL: there shit six feet on the wall in the womens restroom! clean it up
MTS: ok (yeah right)
LOD: we are out of carts.
MTS: we dont have any carts because there are 150 fuckin guests in the store and all the fuckin carts are being used right now!!!
LOD: well go get some!!!
MTS: would you like me to make some cunt?
(lod shuts her trap)
GUEST1: do you guys sell beer and caigarettes?
MTS: what the fuck do you think...NO!
GUEST2: young man...
MTS: yes...
GUEST2: my cart has trash in it?
MTS: so what the fuck do you want me to do about asshole?
(guest2 tells manager)
GSTL: carry out!!!
MTS: ok (sarcastically).
GUEST3: i need you to help me put this huge patio set inside my little dodge neon.
(Hint: that aint happening)
GUEST3: thank you
(fuckin boca bitch gives me no fuckin tip and here i am sweating from head to you know where
GSTL: its 5:00, goodbye!
by some kid in boca September 21, 2006
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