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Essentially, a tard bait is someone who would attract, or "bait" someone who is mentally retarded. This can be done so by acting like a retard, physically, or mentally, by acting like an unstable mentally ill person.
Trina rocked back and forth while yelling "Gail Swallows!". This would turn a retard's crank, therefore Trina is Tard Bait.
#tard #retard #bait #mental #trina
by Giz Rag January 30, 2008
A treat used to get retarded kids to follow your instruction. Something equivalent to a Scooby Snack.
Mrs. Johnson: "I can't get Auggie to wash his hands."

Mr. Smith: "Well give him some tardbait or something......maybe a bologna slice or a capri sun."
by D. Ferrel September 30, 2003
Some one or thing that is particularly attractive to retarded people.
The half-eaten and insect covered Snickers bar was the only piece of tardbait in the public restroom.

Brad has that overly friendly look, he's a total tardbaiter.
by Whitey August 19, 2003
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