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Pronounced like "tero-asack". Slang term used in the Chicagoland suburbs, and sometimes Florida, which means a girl (usually a now-ugly ex stripper) who does sexual favors for people (especially fat kids) in exchange for heroin, although sometimes it may be other drugs such as crack-cocaine, but is mainly for heroin. Girls like this usually show signs of being a whore... for example a PIERCED CLIT. When dealing with a TARAHOSEK, one must be extremely careful because these girls will usually have nasty STD's which they don't mind spreading because all they typically care about is getting their "fix".

Person 1: Holy shit dude if you're dumb enough to hit that you BETTER double wrap it.

Person 2: Why? That looks like a decent piece of ass to me.

Person 1: She's a major TARAHOSEK bro... I'd bet my bank if u hit that shit raw your dick will turn black and fall off!!! I wouldn't touch that with a 10 foot pole!!!
by aPpLEsaUce-Roxx October 20, 2007
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