When one person takes can of beer which has just been opened and another person slams the top with a full can and the person puts the hole over his mouth and the beer is forced into his mouth because of the massive amount of pressure from the fizz.
He tapped my beer and 3/4 of it was shot down my throat.
by llello October 02, 2003
(verb). The act of sexual intercourse.
If the sign on the door says "Occupied" it means that I am inside tapping her ass!
by Chad Deese October 18, 2003
When playing a guitar, you "Tap" a note by slamming on your fingers (hammer ons) and pulling the fingers off forcefully (Pull offs) repeatedly. Trills are done this way.

ALSO, double handed tapping, when playing a guitar with two hands on the fretboard
Look at Eddie Van Halen play eruption! That double handed tapping is amazing.
by Zipwolf June 24, 2005
Tapping (Usually done in wolf team) is when someone unplugs/puts their modem on standby, kills someone, then plugs it back/returns the connection.

How it works:

When you play, your modem is constantly sending and receiving packets. When you tap, you are temporarily disconnecting yourself so that you will not receive new packets.

At this time your character will appear to freeze to the other players and in turn they will freeze as seen by you.

This is when you can shoot their frozen models, so that when you reconnect and all the packets that could not be sent out during the few seconds of the "tap" will be sent out at once. This is why if someone is tapping and he kills e.g. 5 people during the tap period and plugs it back, All five people will suddenly die at exactly the same time.

When you are tapping you are just as vulnerable because by tapping, you are freezing yourself too so your potential tapee's (victims) can easily shoot your model, rendering you dead.

My advice:
1. Hide in a corner where nobody can find you during your frozen period

2. Unplug

3. Run outside and look for victims. Be as fast as possible to kill him because if you freeze for too long (8+ seconds) you will disconnect yourself

If you don't see anyone, run back because you don't want to disconnect

4. Run back to your original hiding spot after killing

5. Replug
(The victim names are all made-up)

Me: *Hides in a corner with a machine gun, ready for hardcore tapping*

Me: *Unplugs*

Me: *Kills KAREMLOVE2010*

Me: *Kills Terminator333*

Me: *Kills xXWalaoXx*

Me: *Replugs*

FU5ION ==/\------- KAREMLOVE2010
FU5ION ==/\------- Terminator333
FU5ION ==/\------- xXWalaoXx.

To AllTerminator333: tapp0r....reported

To AllTerminator333: i <3 my EM-16 A2 its so strong i killed --a guy-- with it last time!

Free ChatTerminator333: Come noob let me kill you fusion you tapper

FU5ION ==/\------- Terminator333

System MessageTerminator333 Has Left the game
by FU5ION The Tapper August 08, 2009
In the realm of the game WolfTeam, tapping is a synonym for hacking.
by mrtappers April 19, 2009
1. The art of under age drinkers asking someone over 21 to buy them alcohol outside the liquor.grocery store.
Hey Sean, tap that guy for beer - he looks like he wouldn't be a cop.
by Bud E Love May 06, 2003
Please refer to TAPPIN.
White boy slang for TAPPIN.
by D Dizzle My Nizzle December 23, 2003

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