"tapping the squid" - v. - to partake in the ingestion of a downer in combination with the consumption of alcohol to promote a blackout. Frequently the "squid" (as it is called) takes the form of a muscle relaxer or a pain killer. This term was popularized by Episode 11 of the second season of the popular show "Huff" when the main character was asked to drink a mysterious blue drink (which was derived from the aquatic animal) and ended up hallucinating wildly in the back room of the establishment with a "lady of the night"
"Hey fellas, I'm bored, I think it's time to start tapping the squid."
"Are you sure that is a good idea? Last time we broke out the squids, you ended up with a gap-toothed ghetto hag"

by milqman April 26, 2007
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