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n. the inflammation of the testicles after eating too many spicy tacos, as the spicy flavor travels through the intestines at maximum spice volume to cause a fiery inguinal hernia in the scrotum.

n. after a short hairy Mexican guy goes at it too fast with a hairy-assed Mexican girl, the friction of the anal sex causes all of the hair to be burned off of his scrotum, and he flees the room screaming "AYE AYE AYE!"
note: to be distinguished from tabasco balls, which is characterized by the post-sexual yelp "MIS CAHONES, NO NO NO!"
Fucking Taco Bell! Gave me tapatio balls for another night in a row, I think I need to see the scrotumologist!

Did you hear Miguel screaming last night? That definitely sounded like his senorita baked him up some spicy tapatio balls!
by cockbeast October 14, 2007
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