1. (noun) An old spanish colonial outpost near an ancient indigenous settlement of the Tiwa people located in North Central New Mexico, that has become a magnet for artists, hollywood types, old hippies, and Californian new age yuppies in search of tranquility and "culture". Taos is a year round outdoor destination for skiers, boarders, golfers, outdoorsmen or all types, backpackers, mountain bikers, and other assorted outdoor enthusiasts who would like to justify their ungodly expenditures on North Face and REI equipment.

2. (noun) A defunct clear malt beverage that was marketed to young women in the 1990s precursor to Zima
So, my parents own this time share in Taos, and we totally love to hang out with the indigenous Chicano people who live in the pueblo, because I think its totally cool to want to preserve cultures and stuff and like the environment, so I went mountain biking up to this ancient holy site, and there was crazy vertical....

That girl got totally fucked up on a six pack of Taos and she made a nasty mess in the bathroom.
by nacote January 14, 2005
Top Definition
The pronunciation is wrong. tao is pronounced dao.

"The way", "The Path", "The Flow" are some ways to describe what tao means. It originates from a religion/philosophy/spirituality called Taoism. The exact meaning of tao is untranslatable. Tao basically means everything. The tao is like a flow that is everywhere. People moving around, nature doing whatever it does, things like that are examples of tao. It's pretty hard to fully describe it.
I tried my best to describe tao, but it's too damn complicated.
by Seenus September 17, 2003
It's what you are reading right now. Even when you're not reading it.
Believe in it or not the Tao always is.
by Lao Tzu September 01, 2004
The flow of life, the order of the universe.

Tao is the concept of living, breathing, existing.

It is not, however, taking advantage of.
Poets gone Wild, Prophets all destroying the Tao.
by Koo Koo Kachu March 14, 2008
A four letter word for steep
-"I went to Taos"
-"Did you ski Al's"
-"Yeah...well kind of. I fell near the top and my ass skied most of it."
-"Wrong run dude."
by pseudonym already in use March 21, 2009
Together As One. A rave during winter break on New Years Eve to celebrate! One of the most popular raves to celebrate. Countdown, massive louds of people, and especially fun.
Person 1: You going to TAO?
Person 2: HELL YEAH, I already got my ticket.
by turtlet0ny January 04, 2009
The other definition of TAO is just stupid, The true meaning of TAO is someone that is so swole, sexy, awesome and smart.
Chick: OMG! His so TAO!
by TaoNOTDao April 23, 2011
A Native American Pueblo (Tiwa People) located in the Southwest of the United States, more specifically in the north central part of the State of New Mexico. These people speak the ancient Tiwa language. This ancient indigenous settlement has been continuously inhabited by the Taos Pueblo Native Americans long before there was ever such a thing as the United States or even the State of New Mexico. In fact this group of people was in conflict with the Spaniards that came into their region in the 1600’s. In these ancient people’s eyes ‘recent’ people as of the 1800’s and onward are all considered Immigrants to them. Taos is the northernmost of the nineteen New Mexico Pueblos.

For more information on this group of Native American people please perform an internet search on ‘Taos Pueblo’.

So NO this is not ORIGINALLY an old Spanish colonial outpost of indigenous Chicano people (squatters) it’s the home to the Native American group of Taos Pueblo people. These people have lived in their mountain valley hundreds of years before Europe emerged from the Dark Ages. So you people out there, you better RECOGNIZE this fact!!! Oh yeah, do continue to ‘test’ your expensive outdoor gear there “like you’re all that” while you drop some major fundage in these Native American’s valley. It’s ALL GOOOD!!! By bringing your money to them and demo-ing your expensive outdoor gear in front of them you save them the hassle of finding out what works and what doesn’t. It can’t get any better than that for them.
Those Taos Native Americans are HARDCORE! Being settled in that NM mtn. valley of theirs for as long they have.
by NDN dude January 10, 2007
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