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a temporary discoloration of skin like a tan line after tanning, normally done on purpose with and object shaped to what the person wanted. Most seen on teenage girls from tanning salons.
Sarah: Hey Rachel look i got a cute heart from tanfastics.
Rachel: Nice, i got my tantoo on my arm.
by Thomas Coleman January 15, 2007
when you put a sticker or tape a design over your skin before you go tanning. the result is that your later left with a pale white tatoo from what the sun couldnt tan.
Pascal: dude, did you see that white skull on jacobs arm?
Fred: ya man, that was one pasty-ass tantoo.
by big willy style May 25, 2007
The white shape you get from tanning with a sticker on your body so that at the end of the holiday you get the shape of the sticker whiter than the rest of your body.
That's a really cool tantoo you've got...

I've got a tantoo of a star on my stomach...
by Alex nicholas April 04, 2006
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