A woman who wants to have her pussy eaten, but doesn't want to give head.
I ate that bitch's pussy for an hour and then she pulled a tamra.
by frodo 37 August 07, 2012
Top Definition
a really hot girl who is really nice and gorgoes and everyone likes them. and is GANGSTA
I loooooove tamra. She is so sexy
by da bomb!!!!! June 09, 2009
It's a fact that all Tamra's are hot. One in particular Tamra Griffin has to be the hottest and has the greatest ass on the planet.
She loves to please her husband and knows just how to get what she wants from him.
Other Tamras bow in her presence.

She once punch a clown for looking at her.
Alien abductors have asked her, to probe them.
The pheromones she secretes effect people miles away.

She once had an awkward moment, just to see how it feels.
She once visited a Psychic…to warn her.
Tamra......... the most interesting woman in the world.
by F150 June 10, 2011
a manish lookin egyptian who loves when people call her "ta MARRRRRR A" & has a hairy back. classified as a REAL towelhead who tells everyone she's "one of the realest bitches " when really shes a huge super fake pusssy whos super loose and thinks shes crazy when everyone knows she not..... Thinks shes owns clinton high school when everyone hates her. Has a cellulite ass that legit breaks chairs and has more chins than a chinese phonebook. Threatens to fight bitches and runs back into her car. One who talks with an akward head movement turning left and right with extreme attitude. WEARS JESUS SANDALS EVERYDAY and cant afford clothes so she steals them! HER TEEETH ARE SO BAD IT LOOKS LIKE THEIR THROWING UP GANG SIGNS & is super easy to get with
by shannnonnnn g June 02, 2009
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