A bulletshaped device to absorbe menstrual fluids during menstruation.
Once used,a very wanted product for my dear uncle D.R.Acula
Best human invention ever,and the string comes out so handy. he says.
cup of tampontea my dear chap? he uses to say to me.
by Stolle September 03, 2006
Top Definition
A compacted tubular-shaped piece of cotton with a plastic applicator that women and emo boys insert into their vaginas when they're having their period.
The XhardxcoreX emo boy shoved a heavy flow tampon up his ass before going to school.
by bryan18 August 15, 2005
Kryptonite for male species, especially when asked to purchase said item.
Please!! No!! Anything but the tampon!!
by Kyle November 02, 2003
A compacted tubular-shaped piece of cotton with a plastic applicator that women insert into their vagina when they're having their period.Has a string on the bottom end to allow retrieval after a few hours. The string hangs out beyond the labia, so if you're wearing a thong and a short skirt, make sure the string doesn't show when you bend over.
he: I don't mind buying condoms but don't try sending me for tampons or pads just because you didn't plan on ever having another period !
by Jake February 20, 2004
A small nuclear-warhead shaped bunch of cotton inside of either a flushable cardboard or pearly kinda plastic applicator, with a little cotton string on the end to pull the tampon out with. Hurts sometimes. Always wrapped in a noisy plastic wrapper. We chicks put these in our fish tacos when we get our rag. Changed every 8 hours, with an extended use posing a risk for TSS (toxic shock syndrome).
Yeah Tom. Thats a tampon. And no, you can't help me put it in.
by Major Moo April 29, 2004
something women put in their vaginas to stop menstrual flow (blood) from going into their underwear. tampons are comfy and can be nice because you can swim in them. although comfy, they don't tend to be popular to girls that have only recently started menstruating because they're worried about something being stuck up their vagina and losing their virginity.
Girl: crap! i just got my period. where's a tampon?
Guy: don't say stuff like that.
Girl: oh shut-up. *goes into her backpack and takes out a tampon* i'll be right back, i just need to put my TAMPON in, then we can finish doing our homework.

*says the word tampon deliberately just to annoy the guy*
by Melodie June 27, 2005
a small, cylliner-shape cotton swab with a string (so it doesn't get lost when 'inserted') that absorbs the.. leakage during that time of the month.
during my period, had had to use a tampon to stop the, err, leaking..
by dee-jay elle April 21, 2004
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