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Small ol' Titties.

May refer to a female that has an unusually small bust size. See flatchested.

The opposite of tig ol' bitties which refer to a woman's large breasts.

A woman with tall ol' smitties may be subject to ridicule and humiliation by others, and may not be considered a suitable mate by some men. This, however, is not recommended because all titties should be seen as a gift from God. Some men enjoy tall ol' smitties because they tend to be more perky than tig ol' bitties.
Guy A: Man, look at the tig ol' bitties on that girl over there! DAMN!!

Guy B: Yeah, but her friend's tall ol' smitties are just fine.

Guy A: Tall ol' smitties can't be fine! What's wrong with you man?

Guy B: Man, trust, tall ol' smitties are just fine. They're almost always perky, and I don't have to worry about much saggage.

Guy A: I see your point man, tig ol' bitties can get a little saggy at times.
by thaChamp April 03, 2010

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