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like masturbation--you only do it because you dont have anyone else.
Man, whats Jim doing in your sisters room? And why is he smelling her underware? He's talking to himself again, isn't he?
by Anonymous January 20, 2003
If you're here 'coz someone said "Stop talking 2 urself",u probably are.Its just when u get so high on drugs, or glue, or you're drunk,and u start having a conversation,but the other other person is the other part of ur head.If it's a frequent habit (and if u need that link,ur totally screwed),then I'd get professional help-even if its ur screwed mate,who took drugs-tell em u got this other person in ur head,and u want him 2 fuck off.something like that.
"Who da fuck r u tlking to?!?!"
"Huh-wha?I woz talking to this guy in my head..."
"How many whiffs of that stuff did you take?Your one crazed up loser!Get out of the Drug habit,man."
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