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To make fun of someone or something, often to mock in a satirical way, or to attempt to fool someone in a manner of telling them an outrageous story.

Often used also to cast doubt on the truth of a statement.
A:"You know, the timers on British nuclear bombs were so bad in the 50's, they thought of filling them with chickens to keep them warm enough"
B:"WHAT! Are you taking the mickey?"

C:" Well, you parked in just the right place here, didn't you?"
A:" Instead of taking the mickey, just find me a big rock to chock the wheels with . . "
by D F STuckey April 06, 2004
To take the rise out of someone - to make fun of them. This is Cockney rhyming slang, Mickey Bliss = piss.
Leave it out, mate, don't take the Mickey.
by Wombling Free October 18, 2012