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kick some motha fuckin ass
lets go and take heed cuu
by suwu May 13, 2008
37 12
to force a woman to fornicate with you and being very violent in the process. Not letting up when they say no.
Killa is gonna take heed on that trick tonight. She's gonna get it!
by SooWoo Killa May 15, 2008
29 19
Rape weak, defensless women/pussies. To rape until dead
Killa is goin to take heed and kill that bitch tonight!!
by SooWoo Killa May 14, 2008
23 13
go and rape some bitches
we gotta go and take heed on these fools
by suwu May 13, 2008
29 19
To be careful or cautious.
"Take heed while you're gone."
by a.s.b. March 27, 2008
10 28