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little balls of lint from your underwear that collect on your taint (skin between your balls and ass hole)
WOW look at all the taint berries I have!
by everyonesgrudge July 10, 2008
A taintberry is a hardened remnant of fecal matter which has become affixed to the taint region, or body hair in the taint region.

A taintberry is closely related to the dingleberry, but only grows at a slightly lower elevation. The taintberry evolved from the dingleberry after migrating south, but do not interbreed. Taintberries have strong root systems and can only be removed by a firm, but swift plucking motion.
Girl to her girlfriends: I had both Steve's balls in my mouth when my nose actually hit a taintberry!
by ozona79 November 02, 2010
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