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Offensive term used in reference to a catholic in Northern Ireland
"Get te fuck ye taigy bastard"
by technik July 18, 2005
499 133
a taig is a commonly used slang word in northern usually pisses catholics off.
fuck off you taigy bastard ye
by Red Hand Julie July 03, 2003
494 193
what the prods(huns) call catholics in northern ireland.
301 219
An offensive word used against roman catholics mainly in Norn Iron or scotland.
RJ is a fat taig
by RyanTheFattestDirtyTaig May 16, 2009
132 55
Derogatory name for a Catholic; most often used in the northeast area of Ireland.
"That ignorant bigot called us Taigs"
by Unrepentant-Fenian-Bastard July 23, 2008
65 42
A good holy catholic lad from the Emerald Isle.
**** you, you ****ing taig bastard.
by Abdul Rapeyama March 20, 2003
145 263
term used to insult all celtic fans used by rangers fans, who dont know the difference between Catholics and protestants
by dermott October 12, 2003
127 272