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An annoying person who causes a random disruption to your personal being. Someone who messes things up or makes something go wrong. Or also used if you cant think of another word to call somebody.if someones a taddy cat, their pretty much janky. :]
my friend pierce called tate a taddy cat when he jumped off the golfcart JUST to pick a wild apple.

mason;ty, you freakin taddy cat, you made the dog pee on me!"

pierce; quit being such a taddy cat and go get me a water!

jessica; quit it tristin your bein a taddy cat!

meggan; david quit mooning your freaking butt at me your being a freaking taddy cat!

taylor; slams his locker and yells taddy cat, but ponders in confusion of what it really means...
by Jessica mfpettyyy June 10, 2007

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