To deliver emphasis. A way to describe something highly favorable.
She had an ass like Ta Daow. (or) Yea, I know I'm a pimp, that's why they call me Ta Daow
by Eric Kyle April 14, 2008
Top Definition
A hip-hop version of the common exclamatory phrase "Ta-Da!", most often referring to a big booty, a extraordinary wad of cash, or any veritable prize that's worth gloating over in a wide-eyed and vocal fashion.
(man points toward new set of spinning rims on his 1984 Buick LeSabre...): Tadaow....TADAOW!
by barry sedentary July 10, 2008
A phrase exclaimed when surprising someone with a gift or something unexpected, or after performing a magic trick.
(as Jere is re entering the restraunt) "Yo Jere, where'd you just go"? "Did you see that hottie walk by a few minutes ago? Ta Daow! I was gettin her number!" (as i'm pullin out a piece of paper out my pocket)
by 36Jere1 September 05, 2011
a word that means nothing, just takes up space. Usually used in rap songs
"...Supa calafragiilistic expealidotious/
Chino is the dopest worken water liek moses/
<b>Tadaow</b> check my footwork its dope boi magic/
by makiavelli253 October 29, 2006
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