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Like a cock block, but perpetrated by a female.
I was eyeballing a cute guy at that party last Thursday but I got taco blocked by that girl with the curly hair before I could make my move.
by L_Ho February 05, 2010
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Tacoblock describes two situations for women.

Situation 1: When a girl is 'cock blocked' by her friend when that girl totally had dibs on the guy at the beginning of the night.

Situation 2: When a girl wants to nail a guy and she can't because the guy doesn't want to nail her. (similar to bluewalls)

Sarah has a crush on a guy at a bar and she tells her friend Lisa that she wants to jump his bones. Sarah and Lisa walk over to the guy and strike up a conversation. During the conversation with the guy at the bar, Lisa decides she wants to jump his bones too. Lisa ends up stealing the attention of the guy from Sarah. Sarah gets pissed off and leaves because she has been Tacoblocked.
by Jimothy Awesome November 08, 2007
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v. when you order/make tacos, but end up not being able to enjoy them due to a friend eating what you ordered, wrong ordering, or over-intoxication. comparable to the let down felt when one has been "cock-blocked"
person a: where's my taco, dude?
person b: "crap, i think i just ate it!"
person a: "dude, you fucking just taco-blocked me!"

person 1: "Dude we got you taco bell on our way here"
person 2: "Did you remember to order it with no fiesta?"
person 1: "Oh crap, I forgot"
person 2: "Dude, you totally taco-blocked me!"

person a: "ooh! order me a 5$ box!"
person b: "okay dude"
person a: (passes out, too drunk to eat)
person b: "you passed out, i ate your tacos"
person a: "dammit! I just got completely taco blocked!"
by MelyssaJazz July 17, 2011
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