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The female version of the act of the "tea bag" where a dirty nasty chick shoves her rancid vag in your face.
my buddy passed out on a park bench and some homless skank taco'd him, now he's got pink eye.
by wafflehurler June 23, 2009
Taco'd is a term used to reference missing any type of transport related appointment - flights, boats, cars, trains, etc.
A co-worker of mine missed his flight, "he taco'd that one". Or, we watched him run up to the ferry as it was leaving, "He was so hungover he Taco'd the time".
by DTs September 24, 2013
A term in tennis which is used when you drill your opponent with the ball. If this occurs in singles, your opponent owes you a taco, while in doubles, your partner must get you it.
Yeah he definitely got taco'd
by Del Potro August 31, 2010
Ah man, thats rough, i hate when that happens
"Bro, the other day me and my brother were jumping on our trampoline and it totally taco'd" "Ah man, thats rough, i hate when that happens."
by TotallyTaco'dBroski March 08, 2011
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