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another name for a womans vagina
man i want to put my meat in that bitches taco
by tevin aka trice April 03, 2007
69 65
Short for Terms And COnditions
Yes i accept the TACO.
by Taco MacArthur February 18, 2012
4 1
a thin mustash usually common of mexicans and younger teens that just began growing facial hair. also known as a "taco stash" as opposed to just "taco"
yo check out the taco on that guy, he looks straight up mex.
by M Scafetta October 22, 2007
13 11
A delicious mexican food filled with meat cheese etc.
Hey do you want to go to taco bell later and get a taco.
by Wagner1 September 19, 2012
2 1
fantastic food
i want tacos
by Darkmember April 17, 2014
0 0
A word to describe the female genitalia
Ellen: Troy was totally in my Taco last night

Joshua: That dirty bastard
by KoiKazma January 28, 2014
0 0
the best food item ever!!!!!!
person: I have a taco

Me: Your the coolest person ever!
by someonewrotethislol November 11, 2013
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