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event comprising mostly of women

-opposite of a sausage party
lilith fair was a huge taco fest
by jacob March 23, 2003
The female equivalent to a sausage fest. Can be any place inundated with females, where few or no men exist; basically a girls' club.
"Dude, that Catholic girls' school is a total taco fest."

"Kinda like the *N SYNC concert."

by surrealfx May 29, 2006
the opposite of a sausage fest where there is a giant group of girls together or if the girl guy ratio is heavily favored to the female side
gay guy 1: this is boring lets get out of here
gay guy 2: yeah this is such a taco fest
by rh15 September 06, 2009
female version of a sausagefest.

A group of females together, with a minimal or non-existant amount of males present.
I went to a party the other night but it was a total tacofest. There weren't any guys there at all. I was overpowered!
by jhoule September 16, 2005
A social event where an overwhelming majority of the attendees are female.
Noting the over abundance of Bikinis and lack of weiners, Sarah asked Nicole if there were any hot guys showing up to the party. Nicole replied "I hope so, this pool party is a total Taco Fest."
by The Real Johnny Awesome July 12, 2011
its when there is alot of women are in an area. It kinda of like a sausage fest but not lame.
This party is awesome!!! It was a total Taco Fest!!!!
by punny person September 21, 2011
"Going down on" a beautiful Latino lady.
I met a beautifu llatino woman last night, and spent the whole night having a great taco fest..
by Panchoman Jr. October 29, 2006
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