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The concept that every human is born with a blank mind or a "blank slate" , and that the events and experiences in life, are what mold who a person is...The Identity of one is created through experience... All knowledge is gained by experience first, and later by ones reasoning.
A baby is born with a blank mind, no knowledge, no innate ideas, no use of logic, according the the concept of tabula rasa. A person's mind consumes all knowledge through their experiences.
by Jessica Jess Sancheese May 07, 2006
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A very good band from Taos, New Mexico, now currently based out of LA. Thier style is a mixture of rap, rock, and latin. Think early 90's Red Hot Chili Peppers if they took a trip to Mexico. You can hear them at
Dude, that Tabularasa show was amazing
by will w October 23, 2006
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