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Created in oakville. tobogganing when you're wasted.
The kids bought a six pack and went taboozing
by Me345435345345 March 11, 2008
the art of getting off your ass drunk and going tobogganing or drinking your self sill while tobogganing mathematical equation= alcohol+ sled+ rider+ booze+ lowfriction = a fun recipee for disaster
yo dude you got the 2-4 and the schopps? yeeah dude this taboozing is gonna own.
by Nic December 21, 2004
The act of getting drunk and sleding down a hill on a taboogan.
"Hey, let's go taboozing on Thursday night!!"
by yaime April 07, 2008
Originally created in Oakville,Ontario. Tobogganing while your drunk, one hell of a time.
Shit man ahah, we're going taboozing tonight, bring a six pack, its gunna be sick!
by Cadillax Pimpin February 01, 2007