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A tabblo is a story told with photographs, title, text, quotations and a layout format of your choosing for the Internet.

Derived from the word: tab¡¤leau (tab¡äl¨­¡ä, ta bl¨­¡ä)
noun pl. -¡¤leaux¡ä-l¨­z¡ä, -bl¨­z¡ä or -¡¤leaus
1. a striking, dramatic scene or picture
I made a tabblo composed of photographs I took, then added captions, some text and a title plus a meaninful quotation. Then I picked the nicest colors for the background and title colors and invited my friends and family to view my 'Talking Trees' tabblo on the Internet.
by Patricia Harrington June 19, 2008