As with almost all Quebecois swear words, this one refers to an item in the church,the box the communion wafers are stored in. (taberbnacle)
Usually used as a exclamation!
Tabarnak, that hurt!
by fly January 08, 2005
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the most pathetic swear in the world. usually swear words in Quebec refer to something related to church, like, in this case, tabarnak means churchs tabernacle.

hahaha french canadians are so cute
tabarnak hostie de caalice!!!!!

(tabernacle, host & calix!!!!) jesus fucking chirst thats hardcore!!!!
by mauricio gonzalez August 26, 2007
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Most common French Quebec curse word, means "tabernacle" in English. Often coupled with Calisse (chalice) Hostie (host) and other items sacred in the Roman Catholic Church.
"Mon Hostie de Tabarnak" = My host of the tabernacle.
by Pepsi Mae West September 06, 2016
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