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the shittiest of all vodkas. nay, shittiest of all liquors in existence.
taaka sucks. what? it does...
by boom boom b July 09, 2004
taaka is the best vodka you can get unless you wanna spend alot of money
we wanna get 4 people drunk and we only have 18 bucks? awesome, we can get a hnadle of taaka for that much
by mcboon January 21, 2005
it's my favorite and the best for tis the most amazing and mystical of vodkas.....plus a handle of it only costs $12. quite wonderful indeed dear chap.
" mixes well...just add people " - as stated by the taaka bottle
by alexaaaa January 08, 2007
taaka is good fo' the soul.
"one of them things we knows is.."
by wassup May 03, 2005