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-verb, intransitive.
Texting under the table. Variants: TUTT, TUtT.

To hold a cellphone in one's lap and send text messages, often while in a bar or restaurant. Ironically, TUTTers usually intend their stealth texting as a courtesy to their fellow diners. In actuality, TUTTing is considered poor table manners.

Where acceptable, cellphones and Blackberrys at the table should be used in plain sight after excusing oneself to "send a quick message" or "take this brief call." Some situations require excusing oneself from the table entirely. Generally speaking, in polite company, all ringing devices should be turned off or kept on silent and put away for the duration of the meal.

Not to be confused with t.u.i.
Quit and eat your steak!
by Anonymous917 July 10, 2008
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acronym for "Thumbs up to that". The spoken equivalency to a "like" on Facebook.
S says: "I don't want to go to work"
B says: "TUTT"
A says: "TUTT"
M says: "TUTT"
by sambhcb January 15, 2010
Tutt, word to describe items of low value or use. Thought to be of Norther English origin. Note: the 'u' is pronounced as the 'oo' in "took".
1/ I went round my mate Todd's house to pick up my golf clubs and almost killed myself tripping over all his tutt.
2/ Mark's desk was so covered in tutt he could hardly find his phone.
by NZMTB December 17, 2007
A tutt is a husband who lets his wife make life changing desisions about his work life. Who then gets fired or laid off or looses his job over her desion. But has nothing to show for working for a company or buiness for long period of time. Then is forced to get a low paying job for the rest of his life.
Did you hear that Jims wife told him to retire? He got tutted because he did not have all of his retirement points and lost all of his medical insurance and lost his suplemant plan. What a dumbass.
by Back blast area clear October 15, 2009
Interfering, annoying person who slows things down and can't bend over properly.
That bloke's annoying me - he's such a Tutt.
by Daveyboy September 17, 2003
The gayest kid EVER. He is so dumb and wears his pants up past his man boobs. He is a stupid kid who kicks peope in the shin like a little bitch.
Hey Tutts, you are gay.
by DUMBGUY April 10, 2005
A nice, big, round, fat ASS.
Yeaaa ! She got a TUTT !
by Sha Nay-Nay September 14, 2010

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