The twisted bit of paper at the end of a joint
Bite the tweezy off before you smoke
#tweezy #jay tweezy #jay #joint #grass
by monkey pirate April 25, 2007
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an extremely amazing guy that smokes way too much pot.
Look at that finnneee t-weezy, why does he have to be high all the damn time?
#pothead #stoner #hottie #fine piece of ass #sexy
by dkfdhjdfghfjghfjdghfdjfd April 17, 2007
A term usually used in a disparaging sense relative to synthesizers. Often used in conjunction with the adjectives, "thin" and "weedy". The opposite of fat in synth speak.
That synth's sounds are so thin and tweezy - I'd rather listen to my sister scratching her fingernails on a chalkboard.
#thin #weedy #weak #fat #solid
by Dan Mc123 May 19, 2008
This is an alternate word for the word "twenty" (20) which often falls after 19.
Saturday is off the heezy for sheezy, you can find me up in one tweezy

Ah hell no! You got me a cake for my tweezy-first birftday?!

Yeah, 'cause you axed fo' it!

nineteen, tweezy, tweezy one, tweezy two...
by YAHFA June 05, 2005
This is a term for a girl that is easy to sleep with or get with. This comes from the phrase two easy = tweezy.
You see those girls who just walked in. They some tweezys.
#hoe #slut #freak #runner #chicken head #bust down #trick
by gsd boys May 01, 2010
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