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A BRT system in western Sydney. There are three lines, one running from Liverpool to Parramatta, one from Parramatta to Rouse Hill and the other running from Rouse Hill to Blacktown.

However, "T-Way" is usually referring to the Liverpool to Parramatta one. It travels through plenty of Housing Commission areas, so it is frequented by bogans and lads who bring their lovely language onto the bus, and like to have fights at the stations.
Let's take the T-way to Parramatta!
by knutsmasher March 16, 2011
That was All You
Faduma: bro why'd you run out on me
Bashir: TWAY
Faduma:no way man take some responsibilty
by FUCKYOPEACE February 28, 2015
1.Bus going from Liverpool to Paramatta
2.Bus stop behind stockland mall where all the "heads" hang out and/or punch on.
You and me 1 on 1 t-way 3 o'clock

t-way cuz

lets t-way it to parra.
by lilman May 26, 2007
When the word twat was misread as tway but was sarcasticly used. Since tway has exponentially grown In popularity is is used to refer to many things such as a vagina, or just a lovely person if they are your tway bae. #tway Tuesdays
Awh jess is my tway bae
by Big boy aaron October 09, 2014
adj - anal, controlling

noun - basically a selfish, spoiled, self-centered brat
"Stop telling me what to do, you're being so tway!"

"He's such a tway, he never washes the dishes or cleans up in the kitchen."
by Samm F November 14, 2007
a tway is someone who is a nasty homosexual i.e a gay twat = tway
did you see michael brown today?

yes i did , he was mincing around calling everyone names!

he is such a tway!!
by McNadin August 25, 2009
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