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(adj) 1) A garden gnome or any other small tumor faced creature including dwarves.

(adj) 2) A person who is born with blonde hair and under-developed vocal cords, most likely due to the fact they were born early

(adj) 3) Any of a number of relatives to a small gnome like creature that once lived in a tree outside of the Chili's on Long Island NY
ex) 1)-
Tim- hey man did you hear that?

Jim- yea dude it sounded like a small woodland creature, omg its over there LOOK!

Tim- oh its just a t-baker, not to worry

ex) 2)-
Anthony- kevin you can hear that guy from all the way over here

Kevin- I know man, his raspy voice IS getting kind of anoying


ex) 3)-
T-baker- lets go see Uncle Fugly kids! (knocks on oaken door of tree)

Uncle Fugly- EHH! wtf do ya wwaaannnttt?!
by Anthony Capri January 25, 2009
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