A T-Bomb may or may not be the most? metrosexual/homosexual you know.
If your friend cries three times a day or drinks only three shots of vodka so he is buzzed but not drunk, he is most likely a T-Bomb. If he does both, there is no doubt that he is a T-Bomb, and you should immediately "T him up".
There are some seemingly redeeming qualities to a T-Bomb, however, upon closer inspection, these are actually not as straight-forward as they might appear.
Take for example a hypothetical situation in which one T-Bomb drives through a drive-thru at a fast food restaurant and orders a milk shake. One T-Bomb would procede to throw the milk shake back at the drive-thru attendant, yelling "Bomb's Away!" The milk shake would explode on the attendant and the one T-Bomb would excalim "I am the greatest". One T-Bomb's friends would laugh in agreement.
Now, this situation may "prove" that one T-Bomb is "manly" and "straight". But one must only look at one T-Bomb's motives to see his ulterior motvies. One T-Bomb is clearly trying to impress his friends in an effort to get them into bed with him.
Thus, in all aspects, a T-Bomb is the most metrosexual/homosexual you know.

Oh, and he doesn't like to get John John, or for that matter, anything more than a simple John on the cheek.
Markese is a T-Bomb
by T Him Up March 31, 2004
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A text message in which devastating information is revealed.
-"Dude, your phone just went off."
-"Whoa man, t bomb from Ted. Party's off."
by William Forrester February 08, 2009
Text Message
"Nigga hit me up wit a t-bomb"
by Oliviuhhhh December 28, 2008
slang for sending a text
Teacher: Excuse me jonny, what are you doing over there?

Jonny: Yo sir, give me a minute. Im just t-bombing some broad about tonight!
by Percilla1223 May 10, 2009
teen slang for Texting... originated in Saskatoon at St.Joe's
Hey, t-bomb me later and let me know whats goin on.
by BCas April 21, 2008
Un-expected text message delaying ones progress
Justin : Hey whats the hold up? We gotta go
Ryan : Got a t bomb, hang on
by Sasquatch20 February 24, 2010
When someone who at some point has been or worked as a trader in the financial markets finds any excuse to mention it or bring it up in conversation, be it relevant or not.
"Speaking as an ex-Trader...."
"When I was a Trader...."
"If I was still Trading...."

All of the above are T bombs.
by shepshep March 23, 2010
Taking a shit usually one of great magnitude which has been held in for several hours
me: "Hey im about to go drop a t-bomb on Mr. Crapper"
friend: "Okay, but you better shut the door to control the blast!"
by chevygirl057 September 19, 2010

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