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I. If the word 'tea' or the letter 'T' is spoken the speaker must brew a single cup for each wishingle recipient.

II. The speaker must be wholly in the front room or kitchen of the property.

III. Once a tea making quest has begun, the next quest cannot be undertaken until the first round of tea has been delivered.

IV. Only humans present in the room can request a cup once the offence has been committed.

V. Gaps in the rules are resolved in a manner which produces the most tea.
t'commandments violations;

Aidan 'Where have you been today Craig?'
Craig 'O.T.C'
Aidan 'Go on then'

Holt 'Whats the ideal gas equation?'
Flint 'PV=nRT'
Holt 'Yes please'

Craig 'Im so battered cod I could kill for a cup of tea, oh shit...'
Uncaring housemates 'Eye, I fancy one at that'
by cawdor January 15, 2010
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