a great band who have entered the mainstream and yes, have a lot of retarded fans. probaly gay teenage goths and posers or people who have only heard aerials, chop suey and toxicity, but the vocals simply cannot be beat and each member has great songwriting skills and a unique musical style
system of a down is brilliant
by GEORGE November 05, 2003
A metal band sometimes refered to as SOAD. The band is from are california not Armenia, however the members of the band are of Armenian ancestry. They take a stereotypical stance on the left like all the other bands that have political lyrics.
If you listen to music or watch movies to learn about politics kill yourself right now.
by alec814 May 26, 2005
They ARE nu-metal. And we all know that nu-metal is not real metal. Thus they are FALSE METAL. And as the old sying goes DEATH TO FALSE METAL. Besides that point they're not even that good. I've heard some of their stuff and it was boring. Except for Shimmy, but it got old quick. Thankfully nu-metal is dying out. Well except for Slipknot I don't get why they still have fans. They suck too. In conclusion Soad Sucks.
Yes, it's true System of a Down suck.

Get into real metal like
Death Atheist or maybe Gojira!
by vfdc March 15, 2008
An anti american band which is im glad about it. They talk a lot of how american shows off to much......... well americans do show offs specially that baboon ass face George w. Bush or ill say Gay W. Bitch. Well the good thing that system of a down has come to sack the town...... so that the american knows that they show off to much. one of their great song is chop suey..... download them....if you download like avril songs thats mean you are fuckin idiot..... Avril is such a copy cat.... she took some of the songs that already from the group. example: knoking on heavens door (guns n roses) chop suey (system of a down). man if you kill that bitch i give you $20.000.000. aight thats all of the story.
Chop suey, toxicity
by Kiss my ass scar face February 05, 2004
A band that should of been preempted by the Armenian genocide. Supposedly unique but sounds like whiny, angsty numetal

consists of
Serj Tankian - Dadaist joke of a lyricist who can also wow people by bitching about the government

The Drummer - hits everything he can without actually knowing what the fuck he's doing

the bassist - hits the same two notes, goes for four if he feels ambitious

daron malakian - hailed as talented, but in reality can't play for shit and instead relies on trying to look cool for functionally retarded quasi punk/hippy scenesters
The angst-ridden teenager is listening to System of a Down
by lolarmenia December 29, 2008
an over hyped band with millions of gullible, impressionable teenage fans (witness the overwhelming amount of thumbs down this review will inevitably get). said fans believe anyone who doesn’t like system of a down to be extremely stupid, and often accuse them of being "too dumb to understand the 'deep' lyrics." of course, the band's leading guitarist and songwriter, Daron Malakian, admits even HE doesn't understand his own lyrics. System of a down loves to bash America’s capitalist society, then the band members turn around and cash their multi-million dollar record label checks. hey system, I’ve got an idea for your next album title; "HYPOCRACY!" (don't worry guys, your fans will falsely interpret the title and believe it to have a deep political message. good luck!!)
system of a down fucked the system so much that all the band members got std's.

Fuck the system!
Fuck the system!
Fuck the system!!
Fuck the system!

wow...that's deep
by someone SOAD fans hate May 11, 2006
an amazing band there new alblums are not nearly as good as toxitiy and steal this alblum
yea, the new alblums pretty much suck, but its ok because i love the other cd's
hopefully the next one will be better. . .
tho there still amazing
guy: System of a down is amazing
guy 2: yea but there new ablum kinda sucks
by ummm i dunno March 30, 2006
shitty band, annoying vocals, every song is the same shit over and over, guitarist sucks and his voice sounds like his balls are being crushed, band hates america so much they should get the fuck out and stop bitching, luckily the dumb bastards are breaking up, lead singer should go back to lebonon and get shot...
thank god system of a down broke up cause they really sucked.
by soad sucks July 26, 2006

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